Winter Winners- A Fitness Formula for Rider’s

Winter Winners- A Fitness Formula for Rider’s

Next up in our winter series is a quick, do-at-home workout from fitness class specialists Two Birds Fitness.

Its official, winter is here! The layers are on, fire is lit and most of the population has already gone into hibernation. Well, NOT YOU! Leave the mass over-indulgence and long lies for the Christmas break and use the winter months as an opportunity to improve your flexibility, strength and overall conditioning for competition season.

Follow the below workout formula to create a simple 30 minute home or gym workout using simple yet very effective HIIT and yoga bodyweight movements.

  • Choose 2 warm-ups exercises (perform each for at least 30 secs).
  • Choose 3 leg/glute exercises and perform each for 45 seconds with 20 secs rest in between for three full rounds.
  • Choose 2 upper body exercises and perform each for 45 seconds with 20 secs rest in between for three full rounds.
  • Choose 3 core strength exercises and perform each for 45 seconds with 20 secs rest in between for three full rounds.
  • Choose 2 cool down exercises (perform each for at least 30 secs).


Warm-up exercises

  • Cat-Cow – A popular yoga warm-up pose which can prevent back injury and aids digestion. On all fours, place your shins and knees hip-width apart, centre your head in a neutral position. Arch your back whilst inhaling and bringing your head down then flow into back into your starting position whilst exhaling, tensing your core, bringing your head up to create an inward spinal curve. Repeat 10-15 times.
  • Standard Star Jumps – perform at least 50 star jumps continuously.
  • Bodyweight squats – Look up with feet shoulder width apart, keep back straight, keep tempo slow and controlled, and go as deep as possible. Perform 15-20 reps.


Legs and Glutes

  • Alternating Lunges – perform a single legged lunge by stepping one foot out in front of the other, keeping the body up right, lunging down just before your knee hits the floor and stepping back to your start position. Alternate between both legs.
  • Squat with Side Kick – perform a squat with a side kick from one leg as you come up from your squat position. Alternate between each leg with your kicks and keep up a good tempo!
  • Glute Bridge – lie face up on the floor, knees bent, feet flat on the ground and palms down. Lift hips off the ground until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line. Squeeze your glutes hard and keep your abs drawn in. Hold your bridge for a couple of seconds and ease back down. Repeat for full 45 secs.
  • Knee to Seat – Starting on your knees, sit up into a low squat position and return back to knees by stepping up and back down, one leg at a time. Repeat for full 45 secs.


Upper Body (Posture Focussed)

  • Standard Push-up – make sure you have your hands just further than shoulder width apart and elbows tucked in. Switch to push-ups on your knees when required.
  • Downward Dog Push-up – Begin in a Downward Dog pose but on your elbows instead of your hands then press your hands into the floor to straighten your elbows and back to start position to complete one rep.
  • Close Grip Push-up into Child’s Pose – Perform one close grip push-up on your knees an flow back into your child’s pose (arms flat and extended out with your head facing the floor).


Core Strength and Endurance

  • Walk the Plank – In a forearm plank position push yourself up to a push-up plank position one hand at a time. Then back down to your forearm plank and repeat continuously.
  • Mountain Climbers – Start in a full push up position putting your weight on your hands and drive one leg at a time up towards your torso. Perform with each leg alternating at a fast pace.
  • Toe Taps in Back Position – In a back position with your hands and feet flat on the floor, touch the top of your toes using your opposite and switch sides. Repeat for full 45 secs.
  • Shoulders Taps – In a full push up plank position, tap the front of your shoulder with your opposite hand and which sides continuously whilst holding your plank position.


Cool Down – Key Stretches

  • Child’s Pose – A great stretch for your shoulders and core. Sitting down on your knees with arms flat and extended out with your head facing the floor. Hold for at least 30 seconds and try and stretch out your necks muscles also.
  • Tricep stretch – Sat on the floor or standing bent one arm behind your head and stretch using the opposite hand. Repeat both sides for a 10 second stretch.
  • Glute Stretch – Lying on your back, keep your right leg straight and pull your left up by holding onto your shin. Use your right hand to push your left knee across your body and stretch your glute while keeping your shoulders on the floor. Switch sides and repeat.


Mix up your combination of leg, upper body and core exercises to create a new workout and try to complete 3 times a week. Just like horse riding you should always look for progressions to each exercise that will help you continually improve your performance!

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