For those of you who are looking for ideas for Christmas then look no further than FOMO.  We have teamed up with some partners, other equestrian businesses as well as some really nice creative gift companies to pull together the perfect collections for you and your loved ones.

First up is for the Style Queens

Team our Feel Taupe FAZE body protector with the Aztec Diamond Taupe base layer and legging set for the ultimate look.  Complete the look with a Foxy Equestrian velvet hat silk in plum.

FOMO                                                                    Aztec Diamond                       Foxy Equestrian


Next up is for the Serious Competitor

Team our FAZE body protector in Back to Black with DVR Equestrian’s Penny Pull On’s in stone grey for a professional XC or showjumping look.  Top the look off with an Apt Cavalier Contrast Hat Cover in black.

FOMO Ladies Faze Facing Front

FOMO                                                                  DVR Equestrian                         APT Cavalier

Now we have a look for the XC Fiend

Team our FAZE body protector in Back to Black with a FOMO branded base layer and hat silk.  The hat silk and base layer are perfect stocking fillers!

FOMO                                                                        FOMO

Never forget the Ground Team!  For the chauffeur in your life who drives you back and forth to the yard and competitions and stands around in the cold supporting and cheering you on, this Mountain Horse Alicia jacket stocked in A2B Equestrian is perfect for keeping them nice and toasty.  To top it off, team it with a Tìr-Dhàimh scarf, which always has us in awe, or simply use it on its own as a fashionable piece for trot ups or sipping prosecco in the sun.

Mountain Horse                                                           Tir Dhàimh

For the Horse in your Life

Our FORM range is sleek and sustainable using off-cuts from our body protector manufacturing process.  The perfect gift for use at both competitions and at home.

FOMO                                                                 FOMO                                                    FOMO

Last but not least this is for Your Stable Neighbour

Our horses are OBSESSED with these bad boy stud muffins!  In addition, this Likit Snak-a-ball is the perfect toy for the winter months, a great, fun Christmas gift for your hacking partner!


Stud Muffins                                                            LIKIT

These are just some of our ideas, we hope you have found them useful and given you some ideas.  Just click on the links to check them out.

Happy shopping, with love









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