Talking to the Team – Ellie Bryce

Talking to the Team – Ellie Bryce

Ahead of the Frickley under 18 championships next week, we caught up with a few members of the FOMO sponsored squad to learn a bit more about the partnerships that make up the team and how their preparations are going.

Ellie is up next …

Your name & Age: My name is Ellie Bryce and I am 17 years old.

Horses name/age/height: Lacoste, known as Charlie at home, is a 16.2, 8 year-old Belgian warmblood.

How long have you been eventing and what level do you compete at? We have been together for the past two years and I have been eventing since I was 12. I am extremely lucky to have such great support from Charlie’s part-owner Jim Speirs who has followed our exciting journey from grassroots to where we are today. I am now competing at Novice/2* level.

Tell us a bit about your achievements/results this year: Charlie had no previous experience of eventing before we became a partnership in the autumn of 2017, so after getting to know each other I was pleased with how quickly he picked up eventing completing our first two novices at the end of his first season in 2018. Having only stepped up to novice at the end of last season, we finished 6th at Warwick Hall and 9th at Floors. Our biggest success together was finishing 2nd in the Scottish 100 championships at Blair Castle.

What are you looking forward to most about heading to the championships? I am most looking forward to giving Charlie is first 4-day experience and spending time with such amazing teammates which has been made even better with such great sponsorship and support this year.

Photo Credit to Jim Speirs

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