Staying motivated this winter

Staying motivated this winter

As the hours of daylight become essentially non-existent, particularly here in Scotland, and the wind is blowing with our hands constantly freezing, it can be difficult to stay motivated over winter.

Technology has been the savior of 2020. From those moments with friends on House Party during Lockdown 1.0 to online dressage leagues, you cannot argue that in some ways we have rediscovered the social and useful aspects of our smartphones and devices.

As large parts of the UK enter a second lockdown, how can we as equestrians stick together and keep motivated over the coming months?

  1. For the Keen Eventer

The fabulous Lucinda Green MBE has set up an online XC academy (we love this concept) with the first webinar looking at how to take the time out XC. The academy is just £25 a month, that’s less than an hour’s private lesson and gives insight and weekly content from the 6-time Badminton winner.


  1. From Stressage to Dressage

Online dressage has grown from strength to strength, taking away the need for transport to compete in monthly classes, leagues, and championships. There are a number of options available but we are personally loving the A2B E-Dressage League having sponsored some of the classes as well as the E-Riders Eventing using tests from BE. The perfect way to improve those dressage scores over the winter months and set quantifiable goals for winter.


  1. No Stirrups November

This is one that has been going on for a while now. Check out Activate Your Seat’s challenge & get involved!

  1. Pole Work for Strength

Pole work and the use of cavalettis have both become more popular in recent years. By incorporating pole work into your training regime, it will help tone and strengthen your horse.

Here are some key exercises from FEI in the link below:

  1. Ride & Train Together

Arrange times to train with a friend to keep motivated or why not set a day each weekend for a longer hack in the daylight? It’s always easier to make sure you get the job done when you have made plans with someone else!

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