Real Riders Q&A- Sophie McDearmid

Real Riders Q&A- Sophie McDearmid

Next up is Sophie McDearmid who is a full-time event rider and coach based in the North East of England. Sophie has Elhers-Danlos syndrome which means her body is a bit more fragile than most. Sophie has a gastric pacemaker and feeding tube on her stomach that means getting a body protector to fit and be comfortable can be a challenge.
Sophie has been riding in her FOMO FAZE body protector for a while now after buying from stockist Tick Tack at Hopetoun Horse Trials last year and has several horses from grassroots to 2* level.
We got to know Sophie a bit better with some quickfire questions below…

1. My go to pre/post comp snack is an oat milk caramel latte – I can’t get my. head in the game without one!

2. My perfect horsey day is any competition day with Chester! Taking him xc is the best feeling in the world as he just loves it so much and that is infectious. If we could go xc all day long we’d both be so happy!
3. What would my horse say about me: She loves to take a stride out!
4. I’ve been lucky enough to ride at some incredible venues, Bicton, Floors Castle, Allerton Park are a few of my favourites, but the most memorable place I’ve ever ridden has to be Andrew Nicholson’s yard! Still feels a pinch me moment that Chester and I had the opportunity to be based there for a year.
5. I can’t live without my Revolution Race Cyclone 2.0 jacket – especially this year! It is the most waterproof jacket I’ve ever owned and keeps me dry and comfy all day long even in the most testing weather! The hood even fits over my hat for those particularly bad days.
6. Remus our five year old enjoys head banging! He loves to wave his head around up and down at every opportunity in the stable. Big somehow manages to always stick his tongue out on photos and Chester doesn’t gallop around the field when excited… he bounces like a llama!
7. If I could ride any horse in history it would have to be Arctic Soul. Everyone knows I have a special place in my heart for ex-racehorses and any horse that lives for the jumping. I always loved watching him fly around the xc inside the time.
8. Ride the horse that’s underneath you. Don’t try to change everything about them but enhance what they’ve got naturally.
9. During the tough sessions, I like to take things back to basics. Focus on any small victories. Then when it’s finished either mentally or physically make a list of 3 things that went well and one thing I’d like to improve for next time. Then it’s the all-important short-term memory that is vital to all athletes – forget about it and move on! Don’t dwell on the bad but focus on the way forward.
10. My equestrian hero is Lucinda Green – 6 Badminton wins on 6 horses!!! She is truly one of the great horsewomen and her understanding of horses and their nature is fundamental in all her teachings. I would kill to have her lower leg position!
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