Real Riders Q&A- Jemma Buchan

Real Riders Q&A- Jemma Buchan

Introducing our FOMO Real Riders for 2024. Jemma Buchan had a horrific accident on the road in March 2022 where she fractured two vertebrae on her back. After months of not being able to lift her daughter into her car seat, Jemma vowed to do everything within her control to try to prevent that from happening again.

Jemma had heard about FOMO and our research and evidence-based product development for enhanced safety. Jemma now uses her FOMO FAZE every day for every discipline and activity from beach rides, to backing and showing.

  1. What’s your go-to pre or post-comp snack?
This is an easy one….. I could live on cups of tea.
Tetley Tea with just milk and a MARS bar. Both pre and post-comp. Any excuse.
  1. Describe your perfect horsey day
The perfect horsey day for me is a sunny day with minimal wind at the beach, with my pony and 3 Dalmatians, using it for a bit of interval training and having a play in the sea to cool down.
  1. If your horse could talk, what would it say about you?
I think he would say… “What’s she going to decide we’re doing next…..” I absolutely love variety and very rarely say no to anything, if it involves having fun on my pony, I’m there.
  1. What’s the most memorable place you’ve ever ridden?
I have ridden at alot of amazing venues over the years, I was extremely competitive as a child and travelled over to the most beautiful place in Ireland to represent Scotland in the under-21 Dressage team. However locally I absolutely love competing at Blair which unfortunately will be our last this year, let’s hope it’s a good one.
  1. Name one riding gear item you can’t live without (besides your body protector!).
A pair of gloves, they are on me constantly no matter the weather. Taking horses in from the field, mucking out, lunging, riding, the list goes on.
  1. What’s your horse’s funniest habit?
My pony Impy has the funniest habit of sticking his tongue out the side of his mouth and shaking his head up and down so it flops about anytime he’s looking for attention.
  1. If you could ride any horse from history or fiction, who would it be?
My daughter watches Spirit Riding Free on Netflix, I’d love to ride tack-less like Lucky on Spirit. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough.
  1. What’s the best piece of riding advice you’ve ever received?
When it stops being fun, that’s when it’s time to stop, reassess the situation and try something else.
  1. How do you stay motivated during tough training sessions?
I stay motivated by concentrating on the positives of the lesson, take away what you’ve learned, it’s maybe not something that might get the results instantly that session but if you slowly chip away at it, when you look back you won’t realise how far you’ve come.
  1. Who’s your equestrian hero and why?
I wouldn’t say I have a hero in the Equestrian world but my biggest hero in life would be my Dad, he has shown me that no matter how many times your knocked down, getting back up makes you stronger each and every time. I’ve taken that lesson from him in life and implement it every day when dealing with different horses and ponies. Having one bad day and learning from it will mean tomorrow and the rest of the week will be much better.
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