Real Riders Guest Blog: Ailz and Helen’s SPRA Camp Experience

Two friends fomo body protectors

Real Riders Guest Blog: Ailz and Helen’s SPRA Camp Experience

Introduction: Join me, Ailz, and my friend Helen, as we tackled this year’s Scottish Police Recreational Association (SPRA) equestrian camp in Lindores (on our youngsters!!)

Ailie: Last year, I was devastated when my horse became lame just before the camp. But I couldn’t bear the thought of missing out, so I borrowed a horse and signed up for this year’s camp. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side once again, and I found myself without a rideable horse. However, my FOMO (fear of missing out) drove me to give it another shot with Spinner, an untested horse. Little did I know that Spinner would become an absolute superstar!

Spinner, who had never experienced a big truck or jumped over cross-country obstacles, amazed everyone with his courage and adaptability. Together, we faced new challenges head-on, conquering fears and embracing the thrill of the camp. Spinner’s fearlessness was a constant source of inspiration, and I couldn’t be prouder of our accomplishments.

Throughout the camp, my trusty FOMO body protector provided me with comfort, breathability, and peace of mind. It fit like a comfy pair of joggers, and I hardly noticed it while riding. Thankfully, I never had to put it to the test during the camp, which meant I could fully enjoy the experience without any mishaps. As camp came to an end, Spinner and I celebrated our achievements, cherished the friendships we formed, and expressed gratitude to the incredible organizers who made it all possible.

Quinn jumping log

Helen: Quinn, the Youngster on the Rise

When I decided to bring my 4-year-old horse, Quinn, to the training camp, I questioned my sanity. Little did I know that this leap of faith would be a transformative experience for both of us. My FOMO body protector became my trusty companion, offering the protection and confidence I needed as we trained and rode together.

Throughout the camp, I witnessed Quinn’s remarkable growth and potential. With each jump and cross-country challenge, Quinn’s enthusiasm and skill exceeded my expectations. I marveled at our young horse’s progress and reveled in the freedom that my body protector provided, knowing I was fully protected in case of any falls.

The camp solidified our bond and ignited a passion for cross-country riding within me. I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the camp!

Conclusion: We both definitely found solace in our FOMO body protectors!!!

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