Free Virtual Fitting Pack



Virtual Fitting Pack for Accurate Measurements

To make the process even more seamless and accurate, we offer a free virtual fitting pack. This pack includes a measuring tape, fabric swatches, and product information. With this pack, you’ll also have access to a courtesy video call with our fitting experts.

During the video call, our experts will guide you through the measuring process, ensuring precise measurements and offering assistance in choosing the right size and model of equestrian body protector. This personalised assistance will help to ensure that the body protector you select fits is an appropriate fit.

Ensuring the right fit for your equestrian body protector is as important as the protector itself. Our virtual fitting pack aims to simplify this process, providing you with the necessary tools and expert guidance to make an informed decision when choosing your protective gear.

Prioritizing safety in equestrian sports begins with selecting the right safety equipment, and the correct fit is a crucial aspect of this process. Get in touch with us today to order your free virtual fitting pack and take the first step towards a safer ride!

Remember, a well-fitted body protector could be a lifesaver in unforeseen circumstances, so measure carefully and ride with confidence!