Newbie ‘Neil’ to make headway in sustainability at FOMO

Newbie ‘Neil’ to make headway in sustainability at FOMO

Introducing Indraneil Ghosh, a.k.a. “Neil”, as the Step Up to Net Zero Coordinator for FOMO Protection. At FOMO we are committed to reaching our sustainability goals. To help achieve this, FOMO has teamed up with the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce to bring on board Neil as an intern.

As an MSc Product Design Engineering graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, Neil is well-equipped to bring his expertise and creativity to the FOMO team. His passion for sustainability and innovative ideas will play a key role in helping FOMO reach its net zero goals.

The primary focus will be to research ways to recycle foam. This will not only help our company reduce its carbon footprint but also allow us to offer eco-friendly products to our customers.

In addition, he will be conducting extensive research on alternative more sustainable materials for use in our products. He will be exploring materials that have a lower carbon footprint, are biodegradable, and can be easily recycled.

Aside from his professional pursuits, Neil is also an avid guitar player and film photographer. He loves to spend his free time playing some blues and capturing life through his lens. His passion for music and photography showcases his creative side, which he intends to bring to his work at FOMO.

FOMO is excited to welcome Neil to the team as its Step Up to Net Zero Coordinator. We look forward to seeing the positive impact he will have on the company and the environment.

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