May lockdown update from our Ambassador, Jodie Campbell

May lockdown update from our Ambassador, Jodie Campbell

It’s been a while since I’ve updated our blog so here’s a little news on what’s been happening lately at Team Shieldhill.

Usually by now we are well into our competition season but like most of you we are spending our 7th week ( I think ) in lockdown!

To pass the time we have been building some xc jumps on our driveway, which for someone who competes in dressage and showing, has been an exciting change for both me and the horses!

The lovely weather we have had recently has meant that the horses have all had some well deserved down time. With the added company of Mr Blue (our naughty little goat!).

Its hard not to dwell on the season that we have lost but we are already looking on to next year.

Now being a family of 3 and having little Freddie to think about too we will definitely need to make some tweeks to how we plan our season, when it comes to roughing it at weekend shows in the back of our trailer for example .

But for now we will continue to enjoy our time as a family, we will allow our horses to enjoy some down time and we will look forward to being able to catch up with Friends and Family when we are out the other side of this pandemic!

Stay Safe and Stay Home Everyone.


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