Likit on Lockdown from a horse’s perspective

Likit on Lockdown from a horse’s perspective

I think it’s safe to say that during lockdown we have all had a bit of a taste of what stable life must be for our horses and in most cases we have been lucky enough to have a wealth of entertainment
at our fingertips from tv, radio, books and internet, some of us may have been fortunate enough to have a garden to sit in and someone to share our confinement. Horses on the other hand are often kept confined to their stables for up to 24 hours a day for a variety of reasons from injury to lack of outdoor space. Now think about that, just imagine being stuck in one room for that length of time with only hay and water for entertainment. People often think that stable toys are just a bit of fun but now we have all had a bit of a taster of isolation, it’s clear how important it is to  provide some variety to your horses’ life once their basic needs have been fulfilled. The Likit Challenge System is a unique range of activity toys, designed to suit a range of different
personalities and situations. From the Likit Holder which is the easiest toy to use, ideal for new users to the Boredom Breaker, our most challenging toy, ideal for food motivated horses or those
that can’t get enough of playtime. To compliment the toys, we have a variety of different flavoured licks, the core range made from glucose (a simple form of sugar also found in grass), to our new long lasting Likit Granola. For horses on restricted diets we also offer salt based licks that can be used with our range of toys so there really is something to suit every horse. Why not head over to our website and take the Likit Personality Test to see which toy would suit your horse:

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