Taking Safety and Performance to Another Level

Introducing FOMO – Taking Safety and Performance to Another Level

Two years ago we launched Teqnox, and at the time the name fitted our new brand perfectly, however, our company has evolved into something much greater since then and it seemed only right that the name should evolve with us. Allow us to introduce to you our brand-new identity, FOMO.

To most of us, FOMO signifies the fear of missing out.

Missing out can be interpreted in many different ways; to some of us falling and hurting ourselves means missing out on a win or a qualification, to others it means missing out on a wage or playing with your kids and in unthinkable circumstances, it can even mean missing out on your future.

To us, FOMO removes the fear of missing out. We have positioned safety at the heart of our cutting-edge design without compromising on comfort and movement. FOMO will allow you to perform at your best whatever your discipline, and when you inevitably do fall, you can be sure that we’ve got your back.

The FOMO body protector is like no other and we wanted a unique name to fit our unique product. It is also important for our new name to reflect the personalities behind the company. We have passion and innovation at our very core and FOMO was born from entrepreneurial people who can, and will, change the world.

We don’t compromise when it comes to our customers. You, the riders, deserve the very best equipment to keep you safe which we have delivered in the most effective way with no fuss. We’ve made the complex simple and have not compromised on research, development or testing which we have taken well above and beyond to minimum safety standards.

We started as an award-winning company back in 2017 and through our product, our customer service, our ethos and our dedicated team we intend to live up to that honour on every single ride your FOMO goes on.

When you see the strong flash of red from the FOMO logo, we want you to recognise it as a sign of trust. Trust us to deliver a product that is dynamic and innovative. Trust us to be a business that cares about its customers and that cares about the future; not just your future, but the future of our business, the future of safety, the future of our sport and even the future of our planet.

Be Your Best…be FOMO



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