Hoofprint Innovations and FOMO join forces

Hoofprint Innovations and FOMO join forces

FOMO is delighted to have recently brought on board Hoofprints Innovations as a supplier of our award-winning body protector FAZE.

Donal O’Beirne, the brains behind Hoofprints Innovations, along with his dog Scruffy Joe, has been in the business for many years.  Originally an equestrian photographer and then, after a short spell in project management for Horsewear Ireland, he was forced to take his business in a different direction following a serious accident while out hunting.

There’s nothing like a life changing incident to make you take stock and appreciate what you have in life.  Donal decided to ensure that the focus of his new business would be to provide safety advice and products to riders and is now the preferred supplier of safety and performance equipment to Eventing Ireland competitors throughout Ireland.

When our MD, Carmen first made contact with Donal, they hit it off with their shared passion for safety and dogs; Scruffy is Donal’s co-pilot and Whisky is Carmen’s second in command.  Following Carmen’s own serious fall from riding, she has created our body protector, FAZE, that is built on the science behind the safety without compromising on comfort or the look.



FOMO is delighted that Donal understands the technology behind our product making it an easier product to sell to his customers.  Having a BETA Level 3 body protector with innovative foam panelling, using our own DION technology, which exceeds the industry standard by up to 65%, and a unique adjustment mechanism providing a comfortable solution without inhibiting movement, ensures that Hoofprint’s customers will not only get the safety they are after but the comfort too.

Hoofprints Innovations have only been selling FAZE for a month or so but already has seen great interest with the demand for FAZE increasing week by week.  Attending every show nationwide, we hope that more of the Irish riding community meet up with Donal and hear all about why riding in a FOMO FAZE body protector is the safest way to go.

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