Scottish Youth Eventing Points Prizes

Scottish Youth Eventing Points Prizes

Continuing our relationship with BEU18 Scotland, we are delighted to be part of the Scotland Youth Eventing Points Prize scheme.

These prizes cover BE80. 90. 100 and Novice, with each winner receiving a £200 training bursary.  FOMO has chosen to sponsor the Novice category and are excited to be involved in such a worthwhile initiative.  

The prizes are open to all who are registered on the Scottish 12-21 programme and will take into account all aspects of the sport when choosing the winners, such as attendance at training, general progress as well as success in BE competitions.  This ensures that everyone has a fair chance of winning and rewards hard work and commitment as well as competitive success.


The way it works:

Points will be awarded for the top 10 placings in all Scottish BE events (not just 18 sections) and for double clears and sub-30 dressage scores as well as participation in BE training events and volunteering at Scottish BE events.  This means those involved can start now and build up points throughout the winter, with winners being announced at the 2020 BE ball.  

So riders, there is lots to play for and lots of time to build up points, with regular updates being posted on the Scottish BEU18 Facebook page and also in their regular newsletters.  It will be exciting to see how the competition progresses and whose in contention throughout so please keep following and sharing when you can.


FOMO wish everyone involved the very best of luck!


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