Real Riders Q&A- Iona Oloughlin

Iona Jumping & Eventing

Real Riders Q&A- Iona Oloughlin

Last but not least in our FOMO Real Riders 2024 introductions we have Iona Oloughlin

Iona has been riding in her FOMO FAZE body protector for two seasons and can be spotted in the beautiful Feel Taupe on her superstar horse, Prince. A massive advocate for the brand after previously having a severe fall where she, unfortunately, suffered a horrendous punctured lung, Iona was delighted to finally find a body protector that she didn’t hate! Always keeping us up to date with fab action-packed videos we are delighted to have Iona on board as our youngest ‘Real Rider’.

  1. What’s your go-to pre or post-comp snack? My pre-comp snack is typically a breakfast bar or food drink, and my post-comp snack is over-priced cheesy chips!! 
  2. Describe your perfect horsey day. My perfect horsey day would be to go for a gallop along the beach with my pals, then take the horses into the sea for a swim followed by beach BBQ! 
  3. If your horse could talk, what would it say about you? If Prince could talk he would probably say that I don’t let him go fast enough xc and that I am to much of a micromanager! 
  4. What’s the most memorable place you’ve ever ridden? I haven’t ridden at any big top events, but Hopetoun horse trials will always have the best memories and firsts! It was my first BE, my first clear showjumping, my first 20 out XC and my first time going wrong in the dressage! Not all I deal for a finishing score but I have learned the most at Hopetoun! (It was also where I bought my FOMO FAZE!)
  5. Name one riding gear item you can’t live without (besides your body protector!) A piece of riding gear I couldn’t live without would probably be my Loxley by Bliss jumping saddle as I think I’d be well and truly LOST without it! 
  6. What’s your horse’s funniest habit? Prince’s funniest habit is once he has his girth done up and I’m about to do his bridle he stretches out his front legs for me, I did teach him how to do it, and now does it for attention in the field or while I’m leading! He can also do it mounted which shocked my mum when he first did it! 
  7. If you could ride any horse from history or fiction, who would it be? If I could ride any horse I would love to ride Ros Canter’s LORDSHIPS GRAFFALO.
  8. What’s the best piece of riding advice you’ve ever received? The best piece of riding advice I’ve ever been given is, don’t chase a stride, one will come to you, so keep at the movement not in front or behind the natural movement.
  9. How do you stay motivated during tough training sessions? During tough training sessions to keep motivated, I reflect on how far I have come and realise I am progressing. Although it is difficult I try not to compare myself to others, especially with having access to different resources! Another thing that helps me is reflecting on past sessions, what made them so great or not so good, and building up from there and looking forward to the longer warmer eventing days keep my spirits and motivation high! 

Who’s your equestrian hero and why? Bubby Upton is my equestrian hero because she shows a phenomenal amount of dedication and determination towards eventing, especially after her accident 8 months ago leaving her unknown if she could ride again. So for her to come out and ride how she did in this year’s Badminton Horse Trials was truly inspiring!

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