On To The Next FAZE

On To The Next FAZE

Horse riding has been a huge part of my life since I was little and has become an even bigger part of my life since starting FOMO (formerly TEQNOX) back in 2016. I hated riding in a body protector growing up and would do my best to avoid wearing one at all costs no matter how bruised and battered I was.

Going to university meant that I sold my horse and fell away from riding for a while but a series of sporting injuries on the netball court meant that I soon found myself back doing what I loved and competing for the university equestrian team. It was a combination of this and my bachelor’s year project for Sports Engineering that saw me come up with the concept of redesigning body protection for equestrian sport. That was in 2015 you can imagine my relief (and eyebags) now that we are finally launching FAZE100. 

The concept behind the name of FAZE100 comes from the definition of the word ‘FAZE’ which means to change or disturb and that is exactly what we want to do. FOMO wants to change the perception of body protection and create products that are so comfortable, you won’t even know you’re wearing them.

It’s been a tough journey but a rewarding one and the team and I thought this would be a good point to share some of the highs and lows of the process and maybe inspire more people to try out our product or innovate in this amazing sport that we all love so much.

In the beginning 

The first-ever prototype I made for my university end of year presentation was horrendous. I learned to sew, bought a £16 sewing machine from Amazon and had a crash course in one of my best friends grannies living room. There was quite literally blood, sweat and tears. 

Gaining traction

Winning the Sports Innovation Challenge back in 2016 was one of the best moments of my life. The keynote speaker was Van Phillips that created the blade-runner prosthesis that you associate with Paralympians. Funnily enough, he is also a keen horse rider. Having successful business people from the likes of Addidas and MyProtein believe in the idea was really motivating and gave me the belief that I could actually go out there and make the idea a reality. 


Overcoming hurdles

Explaining to non-horsey folk things that horsey folk would naturally understand can sometimes be a challenge. Taking things right back down to basics has been a requirement for us to fundraise and ensure our research and development has been focused on making a product that performs the way you need it to.

Research & Development

One of my favourite moments to date was when we were drop testing on to the body protector and mechanism again and again and the results were brilliant. Don’t worry we filmed some videos of this that we will be sharing with you all in the near future.

Current Stage

So we are finally at first production runs of products. It’s very exciting, the foam is en route, adjusters are being made and the garments are being sewn! The team has tested this body protector over and above standard requirements and we will be excited to receive official certification soon. 


Try before you buy

On a final note, we will be at the A2B stand at Blair Castle International Horse Trials. So come visit us and try before you buy! The team will also be taking product reservations so you can ensure you are first on the list to become part of the FOMO family.

Thanks again to everyone for following our journey! Now it’s time for us to pull our socks up and deliver on what you have all been waiting for. 


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