Middle aged, menopausal woman unfazed by her new FAZE!

Middle aged, menopausal woman unfazed by her new FAZE!

So, I’m getting closer to a milestone birthday. And the kids have decided that they have more interesting things to focus on now, such as university, boys, exams and non-horsey life. I’ve decided that is finally my time to get out and do the things I’ve been wanting to do for the last couple of decades, and I now have a bit more time, a little more money (not a lot, I have horses after all) and less associated guilt about disappearing off for weekends. With a new equine Porsche, Darcy, aka the Golden Child, I’m finally out eventing and doing the affiliated competition thing in my late 40s.

However, this has coincided with two things, both related to getting old. I’m getting chunky (menopause and a love of wine) and I’m getting windy and a little feared of falling off as it hurts more (aging in general and drinking more wine to compensate). So, getting the right kit to increase my comfort and decrease the likelihood of long term injury after not bouncing off the ground is paramount!

I run the local riding club, so it’s important that I’m seen to follow the rules we are meant to uphold, so with a change in the kite for hats and back protection I needed to purchase a new body protector.

Now I have to say I’m no lover of body protectors. Why? As a short-assed, chunky woman with a short body, body protection has proven to be difficult to find that fits my dimensions and is comfortable to wear, and let’s face it, I’m trying to avoid looking like the Michelin man. Younger people may need to Google that image to get the point.

So, with Christmas on the way, and my husband looking for gift ideas (we are only 26 years in), it was a perfect moment to ask for that most romantic of gifts, a body protector! Well as he says himself every time I ride, ‘don’t fall off’, I think he does worry about me, or perhaps it’s more worrying about my ability to earn if I’m off my feet?

I’d tried the FOMO FAZE on at a trade stand while out eventing, and knew it was produced in the UK and was passing the most stringent safety tests for body protection. It also appeared to fit well to my own unique short-bodied shape, and after trying several types I hadn’t previously found any that fitted that well. So, Santa was duly informed and I got my new FAZE before Christmas, unwrapped, Santa didn’t see the point as I knew what it was!

The FAZE then had to wait and didn’t get its first run out due to the icy conditions until mid-January at an arena event. I managed to put it on all by myself, and despite it not being worn before, it quickly moulded to my body. It has been said that they look a little bulky, but I didn’t notice this at all when riding, and importantly didn’t feel the need to remove it immediately after riding like my previous protector because I couldn’t breathe in it! The foam layer is soft and malleable and is actually very easy to wear, whilst providing the ultimate protection. And whilst body protectors are by no means ever likely to be the most flattering garment you ever wear on your horse (although white jodhpurs are in my opinion the worst), my FOMO FAZE is one of the most comfortable ways to protect my aging body whilst it pretends it’s in it 20s again! Looking forward to Flying in my FAZE this season!

Photography Credit to the fabulous Jamie Agnew

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