FOMO’s Push to Net Zero

FOMO’s Push to Net Zero

Here at FOMO, we’ve been committed to being more sustainable and reaching our net zero goals, for our planet and our 4-legged friends.


In this blog post, we want to share with you the carbon footprint of one of our FAZE body protectors and how we did it.

Carbon footprinting is the process of measuring the greenhouse gas emissions associated with a product or service throughout its life cycle. It helps us understand the environmental impact of our products and identify opportunities for improvement.


To calculate the carbon footprint of one FAZE body protector, we followed these steps:

– We weighed all the components of the body protector, such as the foam, fabric, zipper, velcro, etc

– We identified the materials and their location of manufacture for each component

– We used ‘The 2030 Calculator’, which is an online tool that calculates the carbon footprint of different materials and processes based on industry data and conversion factors

– We added the energy required for the manufacturing processes of FAZE

– We added up the carbon footprint of each component to get the total carbon footprint of one FAZE body protector

Our scope was from material extraction and manufacture to assembly of the finished product.  We did not include the transportation, distribution, use,  and end-of-life stages of the product life cycle (yet).


One FAZE body protector has a carbon footprint of 13.82 kgCO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent). To put this into perspective, here are some examples of the carbon footprint of other products:

– One pair of Levi 501 jeans has a carbon footprint of  33.4 kg CO2e

– One iPhone 13 has a carbon footprint of  64 kg CO2e

We want to reduce our carbon footprint further and make our product more sustainable. That’s why we are committed to improving our design, materials, and processes to lower our environmental impact. We also want to be transparent about our carbon footprinting process and share our data and methods with anyone who is interested.  We hope by doing this, we can inspire other companies and consumers to join us in stepping up to net zero and fighting climate change.

Thank you for reading this blog post and stay tuned for more updates on our journey to net zero.





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