Talking to the Team – U18 Kelly Grant

Talking to the Team – U18 Kelly Grant

Antes de los campeonatos menores de 18 de Frickley la próxima semana, nos reunimos con algunos miembros del equipo patrocinado por FOMO para aprender un poco más sobre las asociaciones que componen el equipo y cómo van sus preparativos.

First up is Kelly…

Your name & Age: Kelly Grant, 15

Horses name/age/height: My horse is called Heaven Eyes (her stable name is Heaven) she is 22 years old and 14.3hh

How long have you been eventing and what level do you compete at? I have been eventing for three seasons now, however, my first year saw of me fall off at water which cut our season short. The past two seasons we have been competing at BE90 and this season moved up to BE100

Tell us a bit about your achievements/results this year: This year we have competed in multiple events such including Forgandenny u18’s where we were. We were tenth at Floors u18’s and fifth at Scotsburn u18’s which was fantastic preparation for team selection. Last weekend we went to Forgandenny 2 where heaven was ace to come sixth. What I am most pleased about is that over half the events I have done this year were completed double clear inside the time.

What are you looking forward to most about heading to the championships? I am so excited to go down to the championships at Frickley especially for the experience of being a part of a team and having all the support and equally supporting my other teammates.

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