My six month FAZE review

My six month FAZE review

6 months ago, I tried on a FOMO body protector for the first time. My horse Maisey is a very enthusiastic 15hh coloured sports cob, and despite her forward-thinking nature making her perfect for the activities we participate in (riding club, cross country, and endurance), it also means I refuse to ride her without a body protector. My first impression of the FOMO body protector was how comfortable it is. The foam is much thicker than previous brands of body protectors I have worn however it still felt lightweight and easy to ride in. I was particularly impressed with the dial feature which adjusts the size depending on what you are wearing. For cross country, I usually just wear a thin base layer but for endurance, I can wear a jumper if it’s a bit colder so this flexibility means I can have the perfect fit all the time.   My first test with the FOMO body protector was how it felt jumping and I was delighted to find that its comfortable and lightweight design meant it was very easy to jump in and I actually forgot I had it on! The security I feel with it means I now won’t jump without it as I feel much safer in the event that I do have a fall. The next test was my first endurance ride as that required having it on for much longer periods of time. Despite it being a warm day, I felt very comfortable and forgot I was wearing it for the couple of hours I was riding. This weekend we completed our first 30k ride and it made a huge difference wearing something that was so comfortable for such a long period of time. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a safe, secure, and comfortable body protector as I absolutely love mine


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