FOMO Fitting Lab – we’re coming to you. 

FOMO Fitting Lab – we’re coming to you. 

As part of our campaign to spread the word about the importance of body protection on every single ride, not just on the cross country course, we are embarking on a quest to reach as many riders as possible to highlight the benefits of body protection. After all, you wouldn’t go riding without a helmet, so why risk a ride without protecting your torso aka. where your vital organs are housed?

We are delighted to launch our FOMO Fitting Lab UK tour, which will see our team visiting yards and events up and down the country holding demos, fitting our new FAZE 100 body protector and answering your safety questions. 


The first leg of our journey as you may well know was close to home here in Scotland at the stunning Blair Castle International Horse Trials. We were delighted to partner with renowned safety specialists A2B equestrian who hosted our fitting lab in their prime location stand by the show jumping arenas. 

Our objective for the weekend was simple: make as many riders as safe as possible in the saddle. We brought along sample sizes for visitors to try on and took measurements to advise riders of all shapes and sizes the FAZE100 best for them.

Each visitor to the stand was fitted for their new body protector by FOMO Founder, Carmen, who is not only an inspiring businesswoman but also has a degree in engineering which has given her the skills to create a truly innovative safety essential. 

During your time in the fitting lab, you will be shown the features of our Body protector and how the unique adjustable mechanism works to mould your body protector to your exact body shape; by limiting the space between your body and the foam we are significantly reducing the margin for injury should you fall. 

With pre-orders pouring in over the four days at Blair there were corks popped and bubbles aplenty while customers fed back how comfortable and lightweight the FOMO FAZE100 truly is. One customer almost left the stand wearing it because she had forgotten she even had it on!

Stay tuned for more FOMO Fitting Lab dates very soon.


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