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DVR Equestrian

Hey lovely FOMO followers, thank you so much for coming to learn a little bit more about who we are at DVR Equestrian Sport!

My name is Danielle, and I am the owner of DVR. As the founder of a small business, as much as I would like to think of my main role as being designer, I spend far more time running the rest of the business! From marketing, to accounts, to customer service and packing your orders, 90% of the time it’s all me, although I do have rather lovely people that I call upon for specific jobs or when things are getting busy!

We are a UK based, up-and-coming, luxury equestrian sport and lifestyle brand.  Wow that was a mouthful! We are known best for our efforts to be as eco-friendly as possible throughout all aspects of the business, with most of our products being made from recycled materials.

This is something I as an individual have always been passionate about. I’ve always been brought up to look after things, fix things, never throw away food, re-use plastic bags and bottles etc etc, we’ve always lived in a very eco-friendly way.

Coming into the fashion industry and realising the extent to the waste that is produced and the volume of cheap clothing that we make in this world really threw me, even to the point where I had to consider if I wanted to do a brand at all because I (still do) feel that we already have too many clothes in this world.

But, to inspire the change you want to see, you have to get yourself onto a big enough platform to do so. If we can do something positive like be taking ghost nets out of the sea to produce our clothing, and inspiring other brands to think, then we will hopefully help in encouraging this new revolution of producing clothing that is kinder to the environment.

We strive to be a leader for sustainable change within the equestrian-wear industry, opening both business’ and consumers’ eyes to the damage the fashion industry and our daily lifestyles have on our world, encouraging and helping everyone to do what they can to help and change.

Some of our sustainability initiatives include using recycled and organic fabrics wherever possible, using sustainable fabric mills, offering a complimentary repairs service, and using biodegradable and re-usable packaging.

Our main goal through design is to challenge current ways of thinking, with reason and purpose, and to consistently broaden people’s imaginations of what equestrian-wear can be. Aiming always to deliver designs clever in both style and function, and to excite people.

We offer men’s and women’s designs as well as a small range of horse-wear and accessories.

We are also known for our STYLE VIS range, which was our debut range when we launched the brand. This range is designed and marketed to redefine views of visibility-wear and offer sportswear designs incorporating fluorescent materials and reflective, idea for runners and cyclists alike.

If you’d like to learn more, or to take a look at our products, you can find us at

Thank you so much to the FOMO team for letting me share a little bit about our own brand. We are wishing FOMO a bright and successful future!



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