Ambassador Jenna Hasting’s Summer Update

Ambassador Jenna Hasting’s Summer Update

Well unfortunately 2020 is just not working out for us at all and I just want 2021 to hurry up and get here.

Just as we were gearing up to finally getting out to our first event of 2020 at the start of August, Trusty has picked up a very mild check ligament strain. We are still early on in terms of injury as he only did it 2 weeks ago but there is always good and bad sides to these injuries although this one is more of a good than a bad sandwich!  The good news is so far it looks to be extremely mild with no sign of a tear or hole, it is just presenting as slightly bigger than the other leg under the scan.  The bad news is this still needs to be treated with ultra caution and proper rehab to prevent any further injury to the leg meaning several months of very strict rehab work which means we are not going to be able to go eventing this year. Not only that, it probably rules all competitions out for the rest of the year

The second good news sandwiching it however, is that by taking all these precautions it should mean that he will be back up and running next year and it won’t affect his ability to compete in the future.

We’re not sure how he did it, it could have been jumping the day before it got picked up or even a silly moment in the stable but we’re going to be on our best behaviour and do everything the vet tells us to, even if he is already bored of box rest yet again!

Sadly being a one horse owner, these events really do bring you down as I don’t have anything else to go and play with now we’re allowed to compete again after lockdown, and by the time Trusty is in ridden work again it’ll be practically Winter so bring on the wind, rain and snow!

To add insult to injury I’ve just invested in a new 3.5t horsebox as I’ve downgraded from the 7.5t I used to have to try and save some money. The day before Trusty showed an injury it had just come back from the coachworkers all ready to go out on adventures! It’ll have to settle with trips to the vets for the foreseeable future sadly.

I have to keep positive though and start planning for next year and having a bit of a plan for rehab for the boy helps as well, it’s just a shame as 2 years running now we’ve not quite got off the ground competing wise. But onwards and upwards, we will no doubt keep you entertained with how to keep a fit event horse happy on box rest and me trying to not be trampled when I start hand walking.

Jenna Hastings

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