It’s a body protector like no other with its revolutionary award winning design that combines safety with comfort.  


Our FAZE range is easily adjustable and has a breathable and flexible design. Designed to Beta L3, this product is a body protector like no other.

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Faze Ladies 1.0
Faze Mens 1.0
Faze Childrens 1.0


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In this section, we follow our ambassadors through their highs, lows and overall journey to greatness. This is a selection of real life, up and coming riders who are striving towards bettering themselves, their horses and their performance.

Middle aged, menopausal woman unfazed by her new FAZE!

So, I’m getting closer to a milestone birthday. And the kids have decided that they have more interesting things to focus on now, such as university, boys, exams and non-horsey life. I’ve decided that ...

Ideas to get you going in 2023

It’s that time of year. The arena has been frozen for at least a week. The livery yard owner is up to their eyeballs in mud and has kicked half the yard off. Your blood turned to solid Gordon’s gin ...

Welcome to Team FOMO Cameron Swales

We are delighted to introduce our newest ambassador, Cameron Swales. He is a 17-year-old event rider based in East Lothian. Riding is his passion and has his sights set on pursuing a career in ...

Jenna Hasting Update

2021 was a bit of an up and down year for Trusty and I. After a check ligament strain put paid to 2020 antics we started the year ready to go for the season. Sadly a fall off another horse in April ...